What This Is.


This is a blog.

This is a blog about a summer I will spend in The Bahamas.

This is a blog about a summer I will spend in The Bahamas working on a research project that I am so excited about I left a place I love dearly before I wanted to, really. When things come together like this summer’s [pending] work did, I dropped by obligations and dove in deep. I’m Rennie, I’m a Junior at Reed College, and I will be working out of the University of Miami Abess Center for Ecosystems Policy on, strangely enough for me, an exploration of the anthropology of design. I’ll be conducting interviews alongside visual surveys of “sustainable” developments that will serve to asses the politics and aesthetics of sustainable design. I’ll be diving into the representation of marine spaces in Caribbean tourism materials at the Bahamian National Archive, and diving into the crystalline waters I love in my spare time. I got lucky. This project is the ideal synthesis of architectural design and history, marine ecology, and the quiet narratives told by the built environment; these are frameworks for how I think about other things, and to put them in play will test new waters for me.

If you’re following this, you most likely know me well enough to be able to tolerate the narcissism of a series of posts about a privileged opportunity (Thanks Paul Siegel Environmental Science Summer Research Fellowship! The inaugural year!) to study what you love but I will try to make it more than that. I’ll be posting on architectural and/or critical theory, maybe some artwork produced over the visit, and the travails of a student all too recently introduced to ethnographic methods trying to do it right. If you’re a scuba diver, expect some good stories as we roll along. If you’re a human, you will hopefully enjoy my deprecating tales [and selfies? I crowdsource this question: are selfies appropriate ever/in a blog?].

I’m diving into this eyes and mind wide open. Let me know if it ever begins to sound like I stopped listening.



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