Act I: Landing, with Baggage.

My baggage:

  • is that I still have to write a final.
  • is that I’m nervous I won’t say yes enough.
  • or know what I’m doing.
  • was very heavy
  • but the nice man didn’t charge me.

I am back in The Bahamas, for this month on the lovely isle of Nassau, after a short morning flight out of Miami. Unfortunately I was absolutely groggy all Monday because my last night in Florida was surreal and not conducive to sleep. Sunday night when I arrived back at the hostel to pack I opened my door to three attractive men from Madrid in the middle of taking off their pants.


Gaping in the doorway I checked the room number – yup, 215, right room – and looked back as the half-dressed dudes. “I, ah, um, sorry I need – is this -”


Packing with my head down, I eavesdropped on them as they drank remarkable amounts of alcohol while listening to increasingly shitty dubstep. Of the three, only two really wanted to speak to me at all; most of our conversations were about transit – they’d gone straight from clubbing in Madrid to their flight, and planned to go straight from the clubs on the Boardwalk to their flight to Costa Rica. I curled up and worked while the spaniards did shots. When they stumbled in from da clubz at 3 am, however, one tripped and unplugged my alarm such that I had an excuse to take a taxi to the airport the next morning.

bye america

I napped everywhere that day, but couldn’t sleep through the beautiful flight to Nassau.

2014-05-12 08.13.58



2014-05-12 08.16.14


2014-05-12 08.30.08



2014-05-12 08.34.01





Amelia picked me up from the airport and greeted me with a hug [picture to come]. She’s absolutely wonderful, and her research is important – it bodes well for the summer. I want to know all of the interesting and dedicated people she knows, and submerse myself in her networks. Later in the day I was joined by Helen Stockman, doing ethnographic training for a week. Helen is sarcastic, hilarious, and generally keen. And she’s crashing on my couch for the week – she’s pretty great company. We all grabbed conch fritters (yaaaaaaaaaaaas) and then called it a night. Here we go!

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