Hit the ground-

-ambling. More like getting settled.

The Cruise Docks
The Cruise Docks

The past few days have been getting toes wet and starting to make contacts. Dr. Moore/Amelia has been introducing us to her contacts on the island and having us (her gaggle of three undergraduates, two of whom will only be with us for a bit) practice basic ethnographic observation or note-taking as we settle in. Helen is leaving Sunday but is working on developing her thesis proposal/reading romance novels while I try to pull together an essay on gentrification and graffiti in Wynwood, Miami/fall asleep watching Breaking Bad.



Helen practices at the pier. Very professional.
Helen practices at the pier. Very professional.

Making connections is a little random for me right now – I’ll be developing more a research plan tomorrow night. Until then I’ve met a few of the professors from the College of the Bahamas, a public university in Downtown Nassau. Each one I’ve met has been pretty inspiring; many are involved in local politics, and are simultaneously grappling with that involvement. Professors often return to COB after schooling abroad with a sense of duty. Similarly, the students at COB are expected to enhance future Bahamian innovation – that is to say, the Neoliberal University conundrum is not solely an American problem. After providing basic services to the Family Islands, the Bahamian government looks to foreign funding (be it from NGOs or resort developers) for “innovative” solutions to the quality of life; COB students, some professors purport, might be the future of Bahamian innovation.

Bahamian playwrights and their works are already fertile grounds for Bahamian intellectualism but have yet to receive critical international attention. A ex-Director of Culture and current anthropologist at COB and I discussed the tradition and hierarchy of Bahamian and Caribbean theatre. More to come, but hopefully I can deepen my knowledge of Bahamian theatre beyond my love of  Derek Walcott.

Speaking of drama, I touched the Grammy awarded for “Who Let the Dogs Out.” ~life complete~ I assisted on the set of the new Baha Men music video, which ultimately got rained out, but I got to watch basketball with the original members so I suppose it was worth it.

Told you things were a little random. Three things that are less random:

  • My Apartment! I love it. I have a kitchen, futon-couch, king bed, and private bathroom (please come!). I finally get some time to cook as well as hang with my one true friend, Ovaltine.

    Me, in my room/sanctum, with Ovaltine at my side.
    Me, in my room/sanctum, with Ovaltine at my side.
Study table with a view.
Study table with a view.
  • Amelia. Dr. Amelia Moore is pretty damn cool, and very, very intelligent. She was great in laying out a beginning program for me, Helen, and Travis (the COB student who is working with her over the summer). Can’t wait to learn more from her and get into the details of her research!
  • How delicious conch is.

Today was spent on a tour of our object of study, the Development TBChronicled in another post, and finishing this final (/finishing my Junior year at Reed from afar. I am rather desperately saddened by missing the closing festivities.)

More to come tomorrow, now that I’ve wrestled with Tony Goldman,



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