not gone not forgotten just swamped

Hello friends!

Sorry to have been gone so long – I’ve been tumbling through the past month and a half and only just got to my feet. I’m back in Portland, Oregon and starting my final year of the liberal arts line dance. How are you?

Well hello!
Well hello!

A quick update on things that came from this summer:

  • Hi Amelia. I owe you many things. I apologize. I swear they’re coming.
  • I got accepted to present at the American Society of Environmental History conference this spring! Washington D.C. here I come! Again, have to actually make the poster, but hey.
  • My year-long senior thesis will be on the intersections of scientific knowledge production and tourism in Monterey Bay, California. The topic feels too good to be true – it touches on marine environmental history, Steinbeck, labor politics, fisheries, educational tourism, water politics, and – what – a naval base? So much of this summer’s work encouraged me to think about the ways scientific research and conservation is deployed in to aid development projects, to do a strange sort of obscuring while ostensibly in pursuit of clarity. I’m excited to see what’s going on in Monterey.
  • I’m continuing research on coral conservation programs – if you have any leads, let me know!
  • On the note of community involvement in urban design, I’ll be volunteering at a few local charettes by Reed’s campus! SO STOKED.
  • I’ll be giving a 10 minute presentation of my research to the Environmental Studies program members in a week – wish me luck!

As things progress, more informative/interesting blog posts will emerge. I figured an update was warranted.



but yeah the tan is totally going thanks portland

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