Hong Kong

In hot pursuit of the elusive (or expensive, really) Chinese visa, I found myself in Hong Kong after my stint in Fiji. In part needing to get out of the tropics for medical reasons, in part emotionally exhausted, but mostly excited to be back in Asia, I arrived just in time for the Chinese New Year. By the wonderful twists and turns of the world, a lovely Reed friend Cancy was in town, too. 

late afternoons and skyscrapers

my preferred habitat, tyvm 

dense light

mall dragon

checking out the people packed like sardines to watch the parade

day made

like I said – sardines

Ostensibly the reason I’m here is to get a visa, but the New Year festivities delayed me a few days. I expected a bureaucratic disaster based on past visa experiences, but the Chinese government processes so many documents in their Special Administrative Region Hong Kong that they have visa processing down to a science. It was a quick application process and soon I’ll be ready for my trip to Sanya Bay in March. 

late night street snacks

celebrating the new years together

Coming from New York –  Hong Kong is busy. It’s dense, really, and diverse. The public transit is incredible, and the apartments jump into the clouds. After a daisy chain of public transport, Cancy’s family and I took a New Years Day hike together. 

southern shores

on new years day, we took a train to a bus to a van to a 5 mile loop. surfers huts and small family homes broke up the walk.

Cancy’s dad’s favorite dive spot is very, very cold. I did not know this at the time of this photo.

Cancy’s parents are 100% adorable and kind

mangroves need some love

Cancy’s dad was really eager to show me the fish market afterwards. Boats come right up to the dock, manned by families, and an elaborate aquarium system keeps the fish fresh until the fish is killed, gutted, and scaled on board before being lifted to shore.

a crazy assortment, with some really rare and pricey marine life!

the chus!

Cancy: “Use my hand for scale!”


The food is amazing, and considering that Cancy eats like 6 meals a day we cover a lot of ground. She and her sister Anna are pros. My personal favorite was the dim sum feast we miraculously took down on Wednesday. Matcha for days. 

the cute chu sisters, cancy on the left and anna on the right

dim sum glory – easily some of the best food of the trip

cute bunz

me, very pleased


Frankly, the best part of the trip so far has been Cancy and the Chu family. Cancy and I took Reed’s introductory class, Hum 110, together and were acquaintance-friendly since. I always knew she was sweet, but I had no idea about the depth of her kindness. Her family took me in this week, hosted me, and overall have been amazing people to be around. Cancy and I have the same medical issues, too, and being able to talk about it with her is a huge gift – I underestimated an empathetic ear. With a smirk I wonder briefly if this is in line with Watson goals and disregard the thought.

the view from the chu’s 60th story balcony in a “toothpick building”

urban temple (meditative walking paths)


new hat to compensate for self image issues ; *

distorted architecture and neon everywhere

Thanks so much for being a truly gracious host Cancy! Good luck with art conservation graduate school in Australia – it’s going to be an adventure!


and 25,000 LED Roses to say goodbye

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