Hakone, Tokyo


Hakone is a very lovely, pretty damn touristy mountain filled to the brim with onsen, or hot springs. This is my first weekend free of The Article, and my skin had taken a hit, so I’ve holed up at a little hostel. A+. 

Mountain views – Fuji just over the hill!

Lichen it.

Creative solutions.

Japanese oranges are deeeelish


But before that there was a brief visit to local city Nagoya, which is wonderfully untouristy, to cast my vote with Democrats Abroad  – they get 21 delegates but my vote makes more impact in the primaries this way.

A Dingus Votes

Maids that massage you…eek.

My reward for civic participation/how could I resist.


But I landed in Tokyo and got laughed at an izakaya. So it goes.