Watson Featured Projects

A quick page to help you navigate the places I visited during my 2015-2016 Watson. To read posts written at those sites, head to the Themes toolbar at the bottom of this page and select from the “Formal Sites” subheading:

New Heaven Conservation and Restoration ProgramKoh Tao, Thailand

NHRCP is the place to go to pick up the basics of restoration in a community of fun, conservation-minded folks. Morning lectures are paired with afternoon dive installations or maintenance, led by the staff and interns. Mooring lines, rebar structures, coral nurseries, surveys, turtle rehabilitation – I could go on, and NHRCP does it all. The program later became one of my site studies for an article in Resilience. Koh Tao can be a party island if you want it to be, but NHRCP’s Chalok Bay is relatively quiet. Get your toes wet and get motivated. See After Koh Tao.

Rigs2Reefs, Brunei Darussalam and Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

The ongoing installation and use of decomissioned oil rigs as fish aggregators and dive sites.

Semporna, Sabah, Borneo/Malaysia

In a whirlwind, I left Brunei for the Eastern corner of Malaysia. A week with the Malaysian fisheries department, a week doing scrappy restoration, a few days checking out award winning dive programs, and a week on a refurbished oil rig diving Sipadan. An amazing month understanding the dive industry and its relationship to restoration.

Community Managed Restoration, Fiji

A few weeks on a permaculture farm envisioned to lessen agricultural impacts on reefs, a few weeks writing an article, a lot of time failing to find the projects the internet said were there, until the end. A couple coral tables and resorts along the way.

Satoumi, Ishikawa, Japan

An international framework for coastal management relies on this traditional artificial relationship between (wo)man and sea in the Ishikawa Prefecture.

Nurseries and Not, Sanya, China

Sitting in and sitting out on the installation of a nursery for a local hotel developer, as well as a Global Board meeting.

More coming soon!