Art Islands

Art Islands: Ecological Thought and Mass Tourism in the Redesigned Canary Islands When modern artist and architect Cesar Manrique returned home to Lanzarote, the northernmost of the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco, after a twenty-year sojourn abroad to study modern art in 1964, he returned to an island in flux. Energized by a … Continue reading Art Islands

Brexit at depth, or Building Sovereignty

If you thought you were going to get a comprehensive understanding of Britain's recent disavowal of the European Union here then you, dear reader, have been duped by a pun masquerading as clickbait. I can always count on puns.    I am not qualified to explain or predict the impacts of Britain's exit, but I … Continue reading Brexit at depth, or Building Sovereignty

Las Salinas de Janubio

Welcome to Las Salinas de Janubio, a salt farm on the Western coast. Like the senmaida of Japan's Noto Peninsula, the salt fields are an agricultural heritage site. It has fewer visitors, however, and I'm not sure why. Las Salinas has neat squares of my favorite colors, celadon and rust and nothing quite white, and … Continue reading Las Salinas de Janubio

Crown of Thorns

How do you create closed-circuit conservation? That is, how can restoration projects not create waste and undue burden on the communities doing the work? Last week, I got a peek at how the TNC’s new restoration project in Sunny Bay systematically alters and aids local coral communities by relying on local communities and infrastructure. Part … Continue reading Crown of Thorns

Quarterly Report, II

Deep Water, Horizons: Artificial Reef Communities, Above and Below the Water Line  Rennie Meyers  Submitted January 26th, 2016 2 Epeli St, Suva, Fiji   To the members of the Watson Committee, My grandfather had big hands. Paw hands. I am on his computer in an overheated library, feet of blue-white snow outside the window and … Continue reading Quarterly Report, II