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Renewable Reefs

Creating "useful" resource outputs from otherwise "empty" or "functionless" marine space is a defining rationale for artificial reef development. The Museo Atlantico generates dive tourism revenue from a purportedly "empty" patch of sand, traditional Japanese fishing rigs create new habitats for fish that expand the harvesting capacity along the shoreline, and landfills or coastal expansion [...]



I didn’t think I’d be back to Lanzarote, ever. It was one of the few ostensibly permanent goodbyes I was willing to let myself make last year, or at all, really. Maybe that’s why it didn’t happen the way I thought it would. In the not-time of the internet and this blog, Lanzarote was my [...]


Resilient. It's a word I use a lot. I picked it up for work, really. In terms of climate change and coastal development, resilience is a term to describe and deploy socio-ecology. How to we make life, animal or vegetable and everything else, last in some recognizable form in the face of both slow environmental degradation and [...]