Crown of Thorns

How do you create closed-circuit conservation? That is, how can restoration projects not create waste and undue burden on the communities doing the work? Last week, I got a peek at how the TNC’s new restoration project in Sunny Bay systematically alters and aids local coral communities by relying on local communities and infrastructure. Part … Continue reading Crown of Thorns

After Borneo, or

After Borneo or, What is an Artificial Reef? No, really, what is it?  What does it do? That is to say, what is the goal of constructing an artificial reef? Is it to refurbish destroyed reef ecosystems? Is it to maintain fish stock? To support coral resilience in the face of climate change? To guarantee a good … Continue reading After Borneo, or

Yesterday, I:

Did some troubleshooting regarding coral nurseries, thought about the Bahamas and regional difference a lot. Forgot my fins.  I forgot my fins. I am a "professional diver” at this point and I forgot my fins. Go team. I considered diving without fins for a second, but when I thought in terms of risk management and … Continue reading Yesterday, I:

Coral in Context

So my first week following the New Heaven Conservation Program is over. While in the evening I grabbed dinner and drinks, or finally got back to reading for pleasure (Diaz! Hesse!), days were filled with lectures, diving, and interviews. Two Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) transect surveys, an afternoon helping with turtle feeding and care (correct, I … Continue reading Coral in Context

Conservation is Dirty Work

Saturday morning I shuffled out of my apartment bleary-eyed, waved a sloppy greeting to the sun as she did the same, and dragged by Scuba gear to the pick-up spot for my Coral Nursery & Restoration course at Stuart Cove's  dive outfit. I and five others became the first students of the course outside of the … Continue reading Conservation is Dirty Work

Propagate This

On a bright and dry Wednesday, Amelia and I journeyed down to Stuart Cove’s (one of the only dive outfits in the region) and assisted the lovely Eddy from The Nature Conservancy in the construction of coral propagation trees. Up early, we sped West and South, and set up shop on the wooden dock by … Continue reading Propagate This