Coral Trees or, Thanks Obama

April 15th, 2016, Sanya, China - The sun was already high and hot over our heads when the final Nature Conservancy Scientist arrived at Sunny Bay for China's first extensive coral nursery project. Dr. Phil Kramer, a boisterous and overworked senior scientist on The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) Global Oceans team, was already geared up to … Continue reading Coral Trees or, Thanks Obama

Crown of Thorns

How do you create closed-circuit conservation? That is, how can restoration projects not create waste and undue burden on the communities doing the work? Last week, I got a peek at how the TNC’s new restoration project in Sunny Bay systematically alters and aids local coral communities by relying on local communities and infrastructure. Part … Continue reading Crown of Thorns

After Borneo, or

After Borneo or, What is an Artificial Reef? No, really, what is it?  What does it do? That is to say, what is the goal of constructing an artificial reef? Is it to refurbish destroyed reef ecosystems? Is it to maintain fish stock? To support coral resilience in the face of climate change? To guarantee a good … Continue reading After Borneo, or


Brunei is one of the best places outside of the U.S. for wreck diving. While dive magazines (variably reliable) rarely mention this small equatorial nation, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the abundance and diversity of marine life in the South China Sea. On top of the sea snakes, cuttlefish, and nudibranchs - or, rather, under … Continue reading Wrecked

the surface pressure exerted by feminism is less than 1 bar

CW: offensive speech, misogyny  Hey kittens, Two weeks of few words from me was the result of two straight weeks of training and multi-day exams to become a PADI SCUBA instructor. Thank the lord, I passed. Hooray. The course was hard for so many reasons. I wasn’t confident this was the right move as a Watson … Continue reading the surface pressure exerted by feminism is less than 1 bar